Forskolin Ingredient Guide

In this article, I’ll talk about a plant root known as Forskolin. This has been used for a long time in traditional medicine for a variety of purposes. The most popular use as of late has been for weight loss and muscle building, but there is scant evidence to support the efficacy of Forskolin in this area. As an herbal medicine, Forskolin has been used to treat things like asthma, glaucoma, and osteoporosis. Though there are a variety of uses for forskolin, there is little research in the field, and very little evidence supports the claim that it aids weight loss. I’ll discuss some of the basics about forskolin as well as the benefits and dangers of taking forskolin.

What Is Forskolin?

Forskolin is the root of a plant called Indian Coleus, or Coleus forskohlii, that comes from the mint family. It grows in Nepal, India, and Thailand. People have actually used it for a variety of medicinal purposes. In addition to the uses I listed above, forskolin extract is sometimes used to treat allergies and skin conditions such as psoriasis. People also use it to treat infections, cancers, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia. Also, because forskolin is supposed to widen blood vessels, it is sometimes used to lower blood pressure. For some conditions, like cardiomyopathy and asthma, forskolin has proven somewhat effective. For most other uses, however, there is insufficient evidence that it improves one’s condition.

Does Forskolin Work For Weight Loss?

There always seems to be a new supplement claiming to burn away fat better than any other product. This would be great if it were real, but you should always be ware of a supplement with such wide-ranging claims. While Forskolin might not be a miracle herb, it does have some good benefits, some of which are related to weight management. There are few studies in this area, but the studies that have done have not quite proved that forskolin helps you lose weight. There is some evidence, however, that forskolin prevents weight gain. It may also have a positive effect on overall body composition more than weight loss. It may decrease body fat percentage and fat mass. But even those subjects who lost body fat in the study did not lose body weight in the end.

Other Benefits Of Forskolin

Although you may not drop drastic pounds using forskolin, it can help overweight and obese people manage their weight. For instance, one group of test subjects experienced a smaller circumference in in their waist, hips, buttocks, and abdomen, and cellulite also decreased. So while these people may have not lost weight, there was an improvement in the appearance of body fat. Perhaps more impressive than its body weight benefits is Forskolin’s treatment of cancer. Forskolin activates an enzyme in the body that accelerates cell division. In some cases, forskolin has halted the growth of cancerous tumors, and in some cases even killed cancer cells. Chemotherapy patients have reported that the side effects of this treatment were reduced when forskolin was used.

How Does Forskolin Match Up?

The other major weight loss supplement that people are excited about is Garcinia Cambogia. This is a fruit that contains a chemical called Hydroxycitric Acid that helps with weight loss. Garcinia has proven much more successful in losing people weight than Forskolin. On the other hand, Forskolin users experienced fewer side effects. While Forskolin isn’t necessarily the best weight loss option, it does have the ability to treat some other things like cancers, glaucoma, and blood pressure.

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