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According to statistics, Americans consume an average of 400 million cups of cofee per day. To say it is a fixture in the standard everyday lifestyle of adults is an understatement. If you feel like you can’t even function in the morning without your customary cup of joe (or two, or three), then you’re not alone. Far from it. But with a growing focus on weight management across the country and the world, there are some valid questions. How is this habit affecting my goals in this regard? Is it better to drink black coffee for weight loss? How much difference does it make?

Coffee and Losing Weight

There are some notable correlations between drinking coffee and weight loss. At its core, the drink can definitely be a supportive component of your routine. Whether it’s the traditional roasted java ingredient or healthy green coffee beans, these natural ingredients possess the ability to stimulate metabolism and calorie-burning. This owes, primarily, to the presence of caffeine. Not only does the classic upper provide energy and make it easier to get active. It also bolsters your body’s weight management mechanisms at a biological level.

Drinking coffee in the morning obviously has its perks, but there is more percolating than just an energy boost. There are some legitimate health benefits with this earthly property. It can help kick your metabolism into gear for the day, and that’s particularly helpful as you’re getting it started. When you’re burning calories more efficiently, even in a rest state, you’re moving the needle.

However, there are some downsides to coffee in the way that many of us take it. That’s why black coffee for weight loss carries significantly more luster. Taking this approach enables you to derive the acute benefits while avoiding the inhibiting factors.

Why Drink Black Coffee for Weight Loss?

When you load up your cup of coffee with cream and/or sugar, it quickly goes from healthy to unhealthy. These additives bring considerable fat and calories to the mix. So while the caffeine fix can help heighten metabolism, you’re also giving it more to burn. Often, the balance is such that you’re not really gaining any advantage. Putting just one teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons in your mug adds around 50 calories. If you have multiple cups, you can multiply that. See how quickly it adds up? And don’t even get us going on drinks like mochas or cappucinos. They should be classified as desserts!

Meanwhile, a standard cup of black coffee contains less than five calories. By drinking it straight, you can get that caffeine kick and utilize it to burn other calories, fundamentally assisting the in/out balance. This is why black coffee for weight loss is a great choice. Now, of course, the bitter taste is tough for some. But if you can get past that, you’ll definitely be doing yourself a favor by keeping your morning free of any unhealthy additions.

If you’re looking for a healthier substitute to cream and sugar, you might consider some alternatives. Popular choices include butter, honey and pumpkin spice. These carry their own downsides but are all far superior to the empty calories and fat from those traditional sweetening staples.

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