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One of the greatest myths in the weight loss world is that all fats are bad. Naturally, we associate consuming fat with gaining fat, which makes sense. But in actuality, ensuring that you get ample amounts of beneficial fats is critical to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Among these healthy types of fat, omega 3s are among the most famous and also among the easiest to attain. Let’s go over some of the top omega 3 fatty acid sources so you can make sure your diet is getting an adequate infusion.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Benefits

The advantages of omega 3 fatty acid sources are numerous. These nutritious fats can help lower triglycerides in the blood, reducing the risk of heart disease. In many people they improve mood and focus in the vein of nootropics; doctors sometimes suggest increased omega-3 fatty acid for people with mild symptoms of depression as well as ADHD. Similarly, there is a belief in some circles that the fatty acids can help protect against dementia and Alzheimer’s.

But among the most potent omega 3 fatty acid benefits are their anti-inflammatory qualities. They can help reduce joint pain and repair cartilage damage, making them an excellent daily dietary supplement for us as we get older. If you don’t want to be burdened by achy knees or bad hips, maintaining a focus on omega 3 fatty acid sources in your diet is a very smart choice.

So, what alterations can you make in your daily habits to keep these powerful nutrients coming? Load up on the following omega 3 fatty acid sources:

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Sources

Fish: Oily fish are a primary source of omega 3s, especially two of the healthiest types: EPA and DHA.  Among the most robust omega 3 fatty acid sources among fish are salmon, tuna, herring, mackeral and anchovies. It’s extremely advisable to get these items into your meal planning on at least a semi-regular basis, though it’s wise to limit farm-raised fish since they may have contaminants. If you can’t do seafood, then there are other options.

Nuts: Carrying around a bag of nuts to snack on through the day is a great idea for many reasons. It helps to keep you feeling full so you don’t overeat. Most nuts are outstanding sources protein. And, of course, there’s the omega-3s. Many different nuts offer some amount of the nutrient, but walnuts have the most. Macademias, cashews and pecans are also solid choices.

Flaxseed: Both flaxseed and flaxseed oil are potent vehicles for omega 3 fats. I recommend taking a scoop of flax and dumping it into a smoothie or shake. You will barely notice the presence of the grainy substance, but you’ll receive the full benefit.

Omega 3 Supplements: Some studies suggest that the body absorbs omega 3 fatty acids more effectively from food than capsules. However, it’s not a bad idea to take a fish oil supplement on a daily basis, especially if you don’t like eating fish.

By loading up on at least one of the categories above, you will be taking positive step toward joint comfort and heart health. Don’t miss out on these good fats from the best omega 3 fatty acid sources!

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