How To Do a GI Detox

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract encompasses both our stomach and intestines. This system of organs is responsible for digesting the food we consume and deriving the nutrients we require to live. They also play a vital role in weight management, and can be a pivotal factor when we gain weight. Sub-optimal digestion is like a domino effect. First, you’re not properly absorbing all of the healthy properties that help your body and metabolism function at their best. Secondly, you’re not efficiently burning calories, carbs and fats. And finally, the collective result of these occurrences is that you’re not getting the energy from food that you should, making it harder to get active. How much can a GI detox help?

Detoxing, or cleansing, is now a very popular wellness technique, whether or not you’re trying to lose weight. There are a number of potent benefits when it comes to a GI detox that extend beyond the number on the scale. The unfortunate reality is that modern humans tend to have a significant amount of toxin build-up within the gut. These materials — usually undigested waste or remnants that slip by our natural processes — can greatly inhibit our digestion. And the reason that it’s more of an issue these days is because we inevitably eat so much more processed, genetically modified and artificial food. So cleansing becomes a much greater imperative.

How a GI Detox Works

The idea behind a natural GI detox is to use herbal properties in order to gently but firmly eliminate and remove these problematic materials. There are a number of different methods for accomplishing this, some healthier than others. For instance, some individuals juice to embark on a juicing cleanse, which involves consuming (sometimes exclusively) fruit and veggie blends for a period of time. Another dietary approach is a nutritious fiber cleanse. This simply entails loading up your meal plan with tons of fiber-rich foods that aid digestion.

Each of these methods can move the needle, but some prefer to simply cleanse through supplementation. There are many capsules that can contribute positively to a GI detox initiative. They won’t force you to alter your day-to-day routine, outside of making sure you take them with a meal once or twice per day. And they can often be equally effective if not more so than dietary measures.

Some of the best GI detox supplement ingredients include psyllium husk, acai berry and flax seed. The idea is always to get slow-digesting properties into your gut that can dislodge and break up stubborn materials. The beneficial impact of such a practice might surprise you.

GI Detox Benefits

Those who successfully execute a GI detox plan tend to gain a lot of advantageous results. Improvements in weight management are among the most noticeable and immediately helpful. Improving your digestive success inevitably leads to much better metabolism.  This means your body working more rigorously to burn calories and other incoming elements that turn into fat. It also enables you to produce more energy, fending off fatigue. Another helpful GI detox outcome tends to be reduction in issues like gas, bloating or stomach cramps.

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