Benefits of Green Coffee Extract

If you’re looking to lose weight, you know that it’s not an easy process. From dieting and exercises, to cleanses and detoxes that promise the world, there are many options. But certain supplements are showing promise in helping you burn fat and keep it off. Green coffee bean extract is one such supplement.

Green coffee beans are the same as regular coffee beans, except they aren’t roasted. The raw coffee bean is rich in a chemical compound known as Chlorogenic acid. And this compound is known to have extraordinary antioxidant properties. Once the bean is roasted, the Chlorogenic acid burns away too.

The coffee bean truly seems to have some amazing properties. A daily cup of coffee can give you energy, provide you with healthy nutrients and antioxidants, and even prevent certain types of cancer in some cases. But the unroasted, green coffee bean has these powers – and more. In fact, green coffee bean extract is clinically proven to help you lose weight. And there are other, less known benefits to this amazing plant.

Benefits of Green Coffee Extract

  • Detoxify Your Body – Green coffee bean extract is known to detoxify and purify your body. It does this by moving out all of the food debris that’s just hanging out in your digestive system. And for some people, this may account for up to 40 pounds of their entire body weight! Basically, when food gets stuck in your intestines, it starts to rot and leak out toxins into your blood stream. Green coffee bean extract gets everything moving, so you can feel lighter and healthier.
  • Weight Loss – The green coffee bean is highly successful in helping with weight loss. Because of the high Chlorogenic acid content, it helps greatly in maintaining a healthy weight. In addition to burning off excess fat, it also boosts metabolism, prevents fat formation, and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Not to mention, it will also increase energy levels, improve sense of well-being, and curb emotional eating.
  • Control High Blood Pressure – Research shows that the green coffee bean can also reduce high blood pressure. It seems that Chlorogenic acid also seems to have a lowering effect on blood pressure. Although there is some evidence that it does work, it’s always best to speak with your medical care professional. High blood pressure can be a serious condition. And if treated poorly or incorrectly, it can lead to irreversible heart damage. So ask your doctor about supplementing with green coffee before you consume.
  • Prevent Type 2 Diabetes – Some research shows that green coffee bean extract can lower blood glucose levels. In fact, the larger the dose, the more it lowered blood sugar. Although this may seem like a cure all for diabetes, again it’s best to speak with your doctor before supplementing your diet. Especially in a serious case such as diabetes.
  • Improve Cognitive Functioning – When food debris builds up in your digestive system, it can rot and cause painful ulcers to form. This allows the toxic build up to leak into your blood stream, where it makes it way up to your brain. This can cause mental fog, fatigue, poor memory recall, and even anxiety and depression. The green coffee bean extract removes this toxic waste, allowing your body to work better.

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