Zinc Oxide Benefits for Skin

They call it “The Sun Stopper,” and with a slick nickname like that, you know the zinc oxide benefits are something special. There are few natural substances that offer the same kind of protection and support for your skin. This mineral compound is a key active ingredient in many creams and lotions. It offers soothing and skin-strengthening qualities that not many others can match. When you look at its value with regards to some specific and very important factors, it’s easy to see the importance. Zinc oxide is a critical skin ingredients in the regimen for many individuals. We’ll look at the good and bad in our breakdown of this inorganic oxide.

What is Zinc Oxide?

As you probably know, zinc is a naturally occurring metallic mineral. You can find it in a wide variety of products and materials. However, for the purposes of our examination, we’re looking at the health components. Many foods are high in zinc, including several kinds of seeds (pumpkin, sesame, watermelon) as well as dark chocolate, chickpeas and more. When you consume zinc in your diet, it delivers numerous wellness advantages, including superior immune function and protein synthesis.

However, what about zinc oxide? How does this configuration come about? Zinc oxide is not, in fact, naturally occurring. We create it by chemically heating and combining the mineral with oxygen molecules. This produces a powder, which you can generally find as an ingredient within topical creams and lotions. When you use it in this manner, what sorts of zinc oxide benefits might you be able to experience? Why is this a crucial property for skin health? Let’s lay out some of the positive effects.

Zinc Oxide Benefits for Your Skin

One of the primary zinc oxide benefits for skin lies within its ability to relieve and reduce inflammation. Because of this, it is commonly a component of creams that treat rashes, irritation, or allergies. For instance, zinc oxide is a very common staple in diaper rash formulas. Additionally, it can aid with recovery from burns or healing of wounds.

But some of the other key zinc oxide benefits are more preventative than reactive. When you apply its solution to the skin, it forms an invisible light coating that provides powerful SPF protection. This makes it an excellent option in mineral-based alternatives to standard sunscreen. Even for those with sensitivities to sunlight, zinc oxide shields better than most ingredients. This assists you in many different ways. It reduces the drying out effects that UV rays can cause. It prevents sunburn and lowers your risk of skin cancer. And it also can help you keep photoaging at bay.

Photoaging refers to the acceleration in aging signs that the sun tends to cause. When you look at some of the main indicators of skin deterioration — wrinkles, sagging, age spots — photoaging is almost always the number one cause. Keeping this impact at bay is absolutely pivotal to maintaing a youthful and smooth complexion. This is one of the zinc oxide benefits that everyday people appreciate most. Not only does the natual SPF support make a difference, but zinc oxide also helps lock moisture into your skin while improving collagen synthesis. These are fundamental anti-aging objectives.

For these reasons, it’s a great ingredient for general skin protection and especially continuing to look young.

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