Skin Plumping Methods

What happens to our skin as we get older? There are many ways to describe the transformation. While the dermal and epidermal layers deteriorate structurally, the exterior tends to take on a weathered appearance. Texture becomes more rough while depressions form in certain areas. Perhaps the best way to describe this overall effect is a reduction in plumpness. For many of us, the skin just doesn’t have that soft, springy quality at age 40 that it did at age 20. But this isn’t necessarily an inevitability you must relent to. There are some noteworthy skin plumping methods that don’t involve dangerous tools or products. These can help restore that youthful aesthetic that we all desire.

Of course, there are some riskier approaches to skin plumping. Sometimes they can hurt, while other times they can carry the danger of leaving marks. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to examine the safest and easiest ways to get the job done. All of the tools you will need for these practices are readily available online or in stores. Nothing is going to cost and arm or a leg. And there is plenty of evidence to suggest these methods can really help.

If you already feel like your skin is beginning to lose its fullness and vibrant complexion, then there’s no time to waste. Start focusing on these daily habits immediately. Even if you aren’t yet noticing signs of age, it’s never a bad time to begin taking precautions. These skin plumping tips can help you push back the onset of wrinkles and structural breakdown quite a bit.

Top Skin Plumping Techniques

It isn’t brain science. These strategies will not require any extensive knowledge of skincare, nor lengthy procedures. They won’t all deliver immediately noticeable results but they will move the needle in the right direction. Here are our favorite skin plumping methods that anyone can use.

Always Wear Sunscreen

Nothing sucks the radiance out of your skin quite like that radiant orange orb in the sky. If you look at a raisin sitting next to a grape, you can see the puckering effects that sun rays can have. Constant vigilance is a necessity to keep your skin looking its best. Apply SPF every time you go outside, especially on sunny days. Day special attention to your face and the area surrounding your eyes, which are particularly vulnerable zones.

Eat Skin Friendly Foods

Your diet can have a profound effect on your skin’s health, especially as you get older. Recently we looked at the best food for skin, with an eye on those that deliver vital nutrients for dermal structure. By loading up on antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, you can ensure that what goes in your body supports how it look outside.

Sleep Smart

Getting ample sleep is important for basically every wellness factor, and certainly for our skin. On a basic level, getting better rest helps prevent puffy dark circles. But it’s also advisable not to sleep face-down on pillowcases and linens that will leave creases. Sleeping on your back is best. But that’s not doable, try using soft satin pillowcases that won’t leave a harsh imprint.

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