Skin Anti Aging 101

If there is one thing in life that you can count on, it’s the passing of time. And while we romanticize aging, the twilight years, and the accumulation of wisdom, we’re still not all that fond of the effects of aging on our skin. Wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes we all wish we could stave off, but it’s easier said than done. In this article I will discuss various aspects of the aging skin and how you can combat signs of aging. Some of these tips will be obvious and others less so, but skin is so important to our overall health that it’s worth going over the basics from time to time.

Skin Anti Aging Strategies

Where do we even start?  There are practically novels dedicated to this exact topic.  The best place to start then, probably, is with the obvious ones.

Start With The Obvious

So these might not be the flashiest products, but these boring old everyday products are key to good skin health: sunscreen and moisturizer. Believe it or not, sunscreen is your best defense against aging skin. While the sun and Vitamin D are great for our skin, too much causes skin damage, which can cause a lot of pain and hassle when you get older. If you are going to be outside for more than 15 minutes, it is recommended that you wear SPF 30 or higher. Reducing the harmful effects of the sun can go a long way in preventing skin damage and premature aging. Moisturizer is also a great product that is commonly found. You don’t have to find anything fancy. A decent moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Sometimes you can find a sunscreen and moisturizer duo.

The All-In-One

The all-on-one skin care product is a myth. My advice is to stay away from any product that claims it can do the whole nine yards. There are many factors and causes for aging skin, so no single product is going to make you look like a teenager again. The best thing you can do is focus on one aspect of your skin that you don’t like. If the wrinkles bother you the most, get a product that specifically focuses on eliminating wrinkles. And try not to mix skin care products. You’re not always sure how multiple formulas will react with each other and it can often cause irritation.

Know Thyself

Before you go out to buy just any skin care product, it might be best for you to get to know your skin better first. This will help you determine the best skin care product for you. For example, notice if you have oily or dry skin. Maybe you have sensitive or rough skin or maybe you are allergic to some ingredients. It’s important to make a note of these things so you can pick an anti aging skin product that is formulated for skin like yours.

Retinoid Skin Creams

Let me lastly mention an anti aging method that is becoming very popular: the retinoid cream. Retinoids are Vitamin A derivatives that do a variety of things to your skin to help with the anti aging effort. They are used to unclog pores, boost collagen, increase skin cell turnover, and smooth skin. Retinoids have been around for decades because of the noticeable skin improvements users experienced, but it’s just now becoming more fashionable. While you can get retinoids through a doctor, it is quite easy to get them over the counter as well, though they may be less potent than their prescription counterparts. While there are some definite, concrete steps you can take to make your skin look younger, don’t expect to look ten years younger overnight! It’s a long process, but if you’re dedicated you certainly can improve your skin’s appearance.

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