Picking the Best Collagen Products

If you stay up on the latest trends and breakthroughs in the skincare industry, then you are probably aware of the increasing focus on collagen. This natural protein within the skin is elemental to retaining a smooth and soft appearance while you age. We always knew this to be the case, but today it is becoming more clear than ever. And scientists are continually developing new methods to boost and sustain production of this key property with topical creams and serums. If you’re searching for the best collagen products, what factors should you prioritize?

Why You Need Collagen

When we’re young, our bodies naturally produce plenty of this critical building block. But around the age of 25 this output begins a gradual — or in some cases sharp — decline. As a result, our skin loses its inherent resiliency. When it folds or scrunches, it no longer springs back into place as effectively. Harmful external factors like ultraviolet rays start taking a more severe toll with reduced protective measures. All in all, this dynamic is among the primary contributors to rapid aging sign onset. But if you can get your hands on one of the best collagen products on the market, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to keeping wrinkles a step behind.

Qualities of the Best Collagen Products

There are many anti-aging serums and wrinkle creams out there, both in stores and online. It can certainly be difficult to wade through the endless sea of options. However, there are a few indicators to keep in mind if you’re looking for a topical solution with a good chance to meaningfully increase your collagen levels.

Does it Contain Peptides?

Many of the best collagen products available today contain peptides as a primary ingredient. These amino acids have powerful bonding capabilities and show tremendous ability to spur a collagen increase when properly absorbed. The latter aspect has been a troubling challenge for the industry, but new formulas are finding exceptional success with penetrating to the inner layers and nourishing the dermis. This allows you to develop smoother and stronger skin from the inside out.

Is There a Phytoceramide Infusion?

Ceramides are crucial lipid molecules in the makeup of our skin. Phytoceramides are plant-based variations of a similar cell structure and studies show them effective at strengthening our moisture retention capabilities. This can lead to a more soft and plump appearance over time. There are a ton of different products advertising phytoceramides as their miracle ingredient and unfortunately it can be kind of difficult to differentiate the good from the bad. Peptides generally tend to offer more reliability but phytoceramides are among the best collagen products with a completely natural approach.

Finding the Right Vitamins

Beyond the two heavy-hitter ingredients above, Vitamin C is also a common component of the best collagen products we come across. Vitamin C is vital in the synthesis of collagen and most people don’t quite ample amounts in their. So when you find it in a supplement or cream, it’s generally going to very beneficial toward anti-aging skin efforts.

As you peruse anti-aging serums and creams, keep these important collagen tips in mind.


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