Peptides: Skin Care Essential?

Peptides are the building blocks of skin. In short, they are fragmented proteins composed of chains of amino acids. When these amino acids are combined in specific ways, they make up different peptide structures. There are hundreds to thousands of peptides that contain all sorts of benefits. In this case, we will be talking about the benefits of specific peptides in skincare products and what these peptides can do for your skin. Peptides are becoming increasingly popular in skin care formulas. They are used to retain structure in the skin in order to reduce wrinkles & prevent premature aging. Choosing an anti-aging skincare product containing peptides is a wise choice when to repair & protect your aging skin. Continue reading to find out more on specific peptides and their benefits for your skin:


Pentapeptides is one variation that is used in loads of different skincare products for the repairing properties. Pentapeptides stimulate collagen growth. Collagen is a natural protein needed to keep the skin firm and wrinkle free. Pentapeptides contain a lipopeptide (fatty acid) which generates new skin growth and boosts collagen cells. This peptide variation is often found in wrinkle creams to prevent premature aging and to stop wrinkles in their tracks. Studies have shown that pentapeptides, when used in skin treatments, can be more effective than ingredients like retinol. If you are looking for a product to prevent the appearance of aging skin, try a cream or serum containing pentapeptides.


Hexapeptides are chains of six amino acids. This peptide is typically paired with acetic acid which is a natural reactant to help relax the appearance of embedded fine lines & wrinkles. Studies have shown that hexapeptides work in a similar way to Botox by reducing creasing in the skin. A benefit to using hexapeptides is that it’s a noninvasive alternative to injections and surgeries. Although results are typically not permanent after one use, results will prove to reduce wrinkles and smooth away imperfections over time. If you are looking for a way to reduce the appearance of deep embedded wrinkles, try out a product that contains a hexapeptide, also known as Argireline on the market. 

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

Palmitoyl Oligopeptides are peptide variants used for stimulating the release of collagen back into the skin. This peptide has a unique composition that makes it a valuable ingredient in anti-aging products. The properties not only promote collagen, it also helps to protect the skin from UV ray and free radical damage. However, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide should not be mistaken as a replacement for sunscreen. It can act as an additional layer of protection but should not be used as the main form of protection.

Copper Peptides

Copper peptides are essentially fragments of proteins combined with copper. This promotes the regeneration of damaged skin cells. They are often times included in anti-aging products for their ability to reduce age spots, acne scarring and to increase elasticity. Since copper can be a toxic metal, it is important for your safety to only use this peptide when combined into a trusted skin treatment formulated to use on the skin. If you have concerns, ask your dermatologist if copper peptides are safe for your skin.

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