Microblading Risks

A tattoo for your eyebrows? That’s basically the best way to describe microblading, the new beautification trend that is gaining steam like crazy across the country. Eyebrow density ranks right up there with crow’s feet and other common wrinkles as top concerns. With so many women seeking a better method for increasing volume and length in the brows, this innovative technique keeps raising raising it profile. There is no doubt the extensive set of benefits. Of course, any time you are puncturing the skin in any way, there is also a certain inherent level of danger. How significant are the microblading risks, and what can you do on your part to minimize them? Our breakdown today will get to the heart of this subject with all the info you need to know.

First, a little bit of information about the practice of microblading. It is a relatively new method, so many people don’t really know much about it. The comparison to getting a tattoo is quite apt because that’s basically what microblading is. The process involves using specialized pen in order to imprint a semi-permanent imprint with incredibly realistic qualities. People view microblading as a superior eyebrow enhancement approach for many different reasons. Firstly, it requires no attachments or add-ons, so you don’t need to deal with any of that. Unlike most cosmetic solutions, the microblading work won’t come off due to getting wet or being rubbed. And relative to most other techniques, this one delivers truly stunning results.

When you go in to see an esthetician who performs this procedure, you will want to set aside some time and bring a patient mindset. It is not a quick process. The nature of microblading involves drawing in each individual brow one by one. This adds to the realism but also makes it a lengthy, meticulous undertaking. During this time, are you going to feel pain? Do you need to worry about what will happen in the aftermath? It is perfectly normal to wonder about microblading risks as you consider going this route. We’ll lay out everything we know about the subject below.

Microblading Risks and Side Effects

At the outset, we will note that microblading tools and tactics have advanced greatly over the past several years. It’s now considerably safer and less scary than it once was. When you hear about a blade and comparisons to tattoos, you probably get the sense that microblading is going to hurt. However, most people do not describe it as any kind of intense pain. Instead, the description we often hear is a light scratching sensation. This owes both to the relatively non-invasive nature of the procedure (the blade doesn’t puncture too far into the skin) and the lack of nerves in that particular region.

The other potential hazards you might envision are fairly rare. The potential for scarring, bleeding or infection are quite low in terms of overall prevalence.

In fact, if you visit a high-quality professional who knows what they are doing, the microblading risks are minimal. It is when people put their trust in lesser aestheticians that problems arise. Those who lack the proper training can deliver poor results in numerous ways. This might mean a more painful experience, or simply a poor application. Another possible danger is infection due to tools that aren’t adequately cleaned and sterilized. Again, these are issues you should not expect to face if you are working with the right brow artist.

We always recommend doing comprehensive research before making a choice. Peruse online reviews and customer testimonials in order to find someone you can trust. Receiving this treatment from a respectable pro can be expensive — hundreds of dollars — but it’s not advisable to skimp. It’s worth paying the price to get it right and avoid troublesome microblading risks.

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