Magnetic Face Mask

There are plenty of zany beauty trends out there. We are continually astonished by the ingredients and methods that people will deploy in order to achieve a more youthful appearance. Relative to some of the stranger ones out there, the new magnetic face mask trend is, I suppose, fairly standard stuff. It has gained popularity through celebrity circles but, as the name suggests, has basis in scientific theory. It’s certainly a different approach to the typical wrinkle serum or facial mask. Today we will look more closely at this innovative technique as it begins to gain traction in the skincare world. Is it really worth trying?

How Does a Magnetic Face Mask Work?

Let’s lay out the basics of a traditional face mask. You cover your entire face with a cream consisting of various skin nourishing and strengthening ingredients. You let it sit there for a while, absorbing and actively going to work. Then, to remove the mask, you splash on copious water or wipe a cloth across it. This can, of course, be a messy process leaving potential residue and remnants. But the principles behind it are sound and transparent. It’s all about giving those properties time to do their job, which is harder to accomplish by simply applying a lotion or cream. So how does a magnetic face mask differ?

As the name suggests, this approach calls for the use of a metallic cream that you smother on your face. Containing higher levels of iron and magnetic particles. You apply it as you would any other mask, but the removal process is quite distinct and unique. Rather than needing to wipe or wash the mask off, you actually use a magnet. The process is really something you have to see (and feel) to believe. Seriously, watch a video online if you haven’t seen one before. It is quite remarkable the way these masks lift right off the skin when a magnet hovers over. The method leaves little trace and certainly appears to reveal softer skin beneath. But is that a reality or simply an illusion?

Does a Magnetic Face Mask Work?

There are a number of different supporting ideas behind the efficacy of a magnetic face mask. Firstly, the thick and dark cream that you’re applying contains plenty of nutrients and properties that benefit your skin. Most notably, there is a robust content of antioxidants and cleansing ingredients. These can help hydrate and add softness quickly. But it is also the magnetic interaction and physical elements that lend credence to these technique. With the magnet actually suctioning the mask out from the skin, you get a fairly intense clearing of the pores. This goes beyond the rigor you will experience by simply splashing water or wiping with a cloth. Users describe the feeling of magnetizing the mask off the skin as revitalizing.

The usage of minerals such as zinc oxide for anti aging skincare is not all that new. The magnetic face mask concept simply puts a new twist on it. It’s more fun and interesting than those classic clay masks and there is a good case to be made that it’s more effective.

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