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Everyone loves to smile. Or at least, everyone SHOULD love to smile. But if your teeth aren’t looking their whitest and brightest, you might have hesitations about delivering a big cheesy grin for the camera. It’s perfectly understandable, and a struggle that a huge number of people across the world face. There are no fool-proof whitening solutions. Going to the dentist’s office for a professional treatment can obviously be helpful. However, this can also be very expensive and inconvenient. So our teeth whitening review will examine home kits and systems that actually deliver legitimate results.

Of course, there are many regular routines and practices that can help keep you teeth shining. Our teeth whitening review will touch on some of the simple home remedies as well as the more promising products available. It goes without saying that the first step is following a good dental hygiene protocol. Brush two or three times daily, floss and use mouthwash. There are plenty of quality toothpastes with gentle whitening components. This can make a difference over time although it won’t be extremely rapid or distinct. It’s also smart to avoid foods and drinks that contribute to the yellowing effect. Coffee and caffeine are two of the foremost contributors. Other substances that where down enamel, especially sugary treats and fizzy drinks, are also smart to avoid.

But we’re focusing less on preventative measures and more on reactive measures here. There is a litany of reasons that teeth can lose their radiant whiteness. But how can you get it back?

Home Teeth Whitening Review

Next to home wrinkle remedies, teeth brighteners are among the most popular DIY beauty categories. When examining home whitening kits and solutions, there are a few primary considerations we keep in mind. Firstly, is it easy to learn and execute? No one wants to go through a convoluted time-consuming process. Second, does it hurt or cause sensitivity? This is certainly a downfall of many home dental treatments. And finally, is it affordable? This is one of the primary imperatives. Dentists obviously have great whitening techniques and tools, but these procedures can be dauntingly expensive. Our teeth whitening review hones in on the most cost-effective options.

Home Teeth Whitening Remedies

Many people use household products to whiten teeth, with reasonably good results. One of the most popular choices is baking soda. Its natural midly abrasive qualities help it break down and remove outer layers of discoloration. This can return you to a whiter shade. Mix it with lemon juice (which has gentle bleaching effects) for the most significant impact. Rinsing with coconut oil is another popular method. Also known as “oil pulling,” this strategy cleanses the mouth. It can remove harmful bacteria that contribute to staining teeth. It’s also really beneficial for gum health and fresh breath.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits

There are a number of home whitening system products available online. These typically involve the use of a specialized gel as well as a light or laser mechanism to activate its capabilities. These are cutting-edge home dental tools with some really interesting underlying tactics. They typically are able to make a real positive impact without causing the sensitivity that whitening strips or harsh liquids tend to carry.

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