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Green tea and its extracts possess some of the most universally helpful wellness and lifestyle benefits around. Whether you’re brewing up a tea, drinking it cold or taking it in supplement form, this leafy ingredient is a star. Most of us can recognize its more mainstream advantages. Green tea is an excellent herbal energy source, replacing coffee as a daily fix for some folks. It also plays a unique and significant role in weight loss, spurring metabolism and increasing activity. But are you aware of the sometimes profound green tea skin benefits? This area is subject to less attention, but certainly deserves a good deal in its own right.

We see green tea all over the place as a weight loss supplement and energizing nootropic ingredient. But it also has some valuable applications on the skin, with brightening and anti-aging effects. So, what are the green tea skin benefits and how can you best achieve them?

Best Green Tea Skin Benefits

In a word: rejuvenation. This is the foremost advantage to utilizing green tea as a skin-boosting ingredient. When you apply it topically, the plant’s properties can help cleanse skin and flush out toxins. Meanwhile, it also reduces inflammations and can assist with healing scars or blemishes. Because of its antibacterial impact thanks to the presence of catechins, green tea can help prevent acne. They also support hormone balance to help stop these breakouts before they start. Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, green tea can also help diminish the redness brought on by acne and pimples.

By removing impurities and shrinking enlarged pores, green tea additionally functions as a skin toner. Applying it regularly can help provide a more even and radiant complexion.

Another of the key green tea skin benefits arises from its robust antioxidant content. As you may be aware, antioxidants are among nature’s best pure anti-aging ingredients. Many of the indicators that come about as a result of sun damage, such as sagging, wrinkles and age spots, can be deterred by green tea. The polyphenols within the plant are particularly helpful for neutralizing free radicals, which are notable accelerators in the aging process. And of course, steady antioxidant support reduces your long-term risk of skin cancer.

Finally, green tea is also effective toward getting rid of puffy, dark circles under the eyes. This owes largely to the presence of Vitamin K in its ultra nutritious composition.

How to Receive Green Tea Skin Benefits

Drinking it in its liquid form is a fine way to get many of the perks from green tea. This will be helpful to your skin in some ways. But you can also apply it topically for more direct and impactful absorption. One method that many people like to use is a green tea facial mask. How to make one? Take a few bags of green tea leaves, then mix them with baking soda and honey to form a thick constitution. Once it is ready, spread it evenly over your entire face. Leave the mask on for about 10 to 15 minutes and you should notice some soothing effects. This is great for any situation where you have redness or inflammation on the face. Plus, it will help hydrate like few single natural ingredients can.

Other advisable methods for getting green tea skin benefits include a steam (hold your face over hot green tea), a homemade green tea toner, or a scrub.

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