How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

Not every lady is fortunate enough to be endowed with a naturally busty chest. For those who lack the God-given bounty in this department, it can be frustrating. Surveys continually reinforce the fact that men see breast size as a critically important factor in the attractiveness of a woman’s physique. There are so many aspects of appearance that a woman has direct control over — you can exercise and diet to slim down, or use products for smoother skin. But fundamentally improving the heft of your chest and upgrading a cup size? It can feel impossible without dangerous and invasive measures. Are there ways to get bigger boobs naturally? The answer may actually surprise you.

Firstly, let’s discount those traditional breast enhancement methods. Implants are quickly going out of style. Not only are these procedures exorbitantly expensive, but there are so many cases of mishaps. Sometimes the implants themselves can move around, causing uneven shape or size. In more problematic cases, the chemicals within the implant materials can have toxic effects and cause illness. At the least, many women deal with lifelong scars as a result of these operations. The extreme potential downsides of these methods leave many women wondering how they can get bigger boobs naturally without the surgery and scary side effects.

Now, I’m not going to claim there is some magic solution. You can’t simply wave a wand over your chest and watch your breasts plump up from a B to a D. But there are some simple lifestyle techniques that can help you get bigger boobs naturally, and they don’t carry nearly the risk of going under the knife. Let’s review the top three tactics.

3 Ways to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

None of these practices will take a big part of your day. They aren’t going to cause any pain or leave visible marks. Now, I won’t say any of these are guaranteed to upgrade your cup size, but they prove quite helpful for many women. Try out one, or all three, strategies on a regular basis. The noticeable results over time may surprise you.

Targeted Exercises and Workouts

Strength exercises focusing on the chest area can build strong underlying muscle. This, in turn, causes the breasts to protrude more, while also adding sexy definition. You don’t need to put in a grunting barbell lift session by any means. Instead, challenge yourself to knock out 20 to 30 push ups each night. If you have dumbbells at a weight you can manage, try laying back on a flat surface and doing open chest flies. (Bring start with the weight parallel to your side, lift them up to meet above the center of your chest, repeat.) Not only can this help with breast size and definition, but it also is conducive to weight loss and good health.

Strategic Massaging

When you massage your breasts in the right places on a daily basis, it can increase blood flow and expedite healthy growth. In order to do so, take a handful of moisturizing cream and use your fingers to gently but firmly rub your breast from the underside, cupping it with the other hand. In particular, apply pressure to the lower area near the armpit.

Breast Enhancement Creams and Pills

The efficacy of breast enhancement pills is somewhat questionable based on data. I’m not going to say they don’t work, but there isn’t much hard evidence to suggest they are a great option. However, breast enhancement creams are proving to be a helpful method to get bigger boobs naturally. These topical nourishing creams provide nutrients that enrich the structural components and tissues. They are easy to use there aren’t many any significant breast enhancement cream side effects. Using such a product in conjunction with the tactics above would seem to be an excellent method for boosting your bust.

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