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When we meet someone new, or simply step out in public, we want people’s attention to be drawn to the best features on our face. Maybe that’s our eyes, or maybe our smile. We certainly don’t want them to immediately notice big, dark, puffy circles underneath our eyes. Unfortunately, these are very common and undeniably very noticeable. They frequently appear in the morning, particularly after a restless night, and it can be challenging to hide them. Often, makeup and cosmetics don’t quite do the trick. But there are effective eye bag remedies. We’ll serve up some of the best ones today.

Before we dive into solutions and eye bag remedies, though, it is important to understand the underlying reasons that they occur.

What Causes Eye Bags?

Also known as dark circles or — more technically — periorbital dark circles, this phenomenon is not at all uncommon. It becomes much more prevalent with age. These dark circles are the result of mild swelling that leads to discoloration and a puffy effect. Many point to this as one of their single biggest frustrations in terms of facial aging. It ranks right up there with brow lines and crow’s feet. Fortunately, there are some fairly simple eye bag remedies that can greatly lessen or even eliminate the issue. Let’s run through some of them.

Best Eye Bag Remedies

As we see it, there are three methods that surpass all other in terms of reducing the appearance of puffy dark circles. Below, they are ranked in terms of importance.


Can’t emphasize this enough. Eye bags are typically a direct result of lacking hydration. The area of skin under our eyes has an especially high concentration of salts, making it more difficult to absorb and retain moisture. Worsening the issue, when we wake up in the morning we typically have gone seven or eight hours without drinking water. So, as a solution, put extra effort into hydrating around the clock. Drink plenty of H20 and avoid high sodium foods when possible. Drinking alcohol before bed will make you more likely to awaken with eye bags, so skip the nightcaps. Finally, put extra effort into massaging moisturizers and anti aging serums into this region. These are among the most effective and popular skin care techniques.

2. Cool Down

You are probably aware that if you injure a muscle or joint and it begins to swell, the best way to initially treat it is with a pack of ice. Cool temperatures have a soothing effect that reduces inflammation. The same principles are true here. You can greatly alleviate the puffy effect that comes along with eye bags by placing a cool teabag, cold spoon or ice pack on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Chilled cucumbers are also a very popular choice.

3. Conceal

It’s a temporary fix, but still a useful one. While this won’t address the core issue as the eye bag remedies above do, it will help eliminate their appearance. Find a concealer that matches your skin tone but keep in mind that your covering up darkness. You may want to go a shade lighter to offset the differential.

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