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Research shows that topical use of collagen shows promise. The products that provide topical application of collagen are used for anti-aging or even wound healing. That said, it’s best to learn a little bit about how collagen is before buying a product.

Collagen is a protein found throughout the human body. And your skin is mostly comprised of both protein and water. So you can imagine how important it is for skin health. In fact, when you don’t have enough collagen, your skin has trouble retaining shape. Basically, collagen determines your facial structure. And it also provides space for your skin cells to obtain nourishment.

When you’re young, your collagen framework is very much intact. And the skin is able to retain moisture and elasticity. With age and skin damage, your skin structure becomes weaker and brittle. Even expressing your emotions by smiling, laughing, frowning, or even squinting can cause collagen break down. And as time goes on, lines, crack, creases, and wrinkles start to form.

So Can Collagen Smooth Out Wrinkles?

Some research shows that the use of topical collagen can improve the look of your skin. And it works best through a topical application. They basically work by slowing the rate of water loss from the skin, and by also keep your skin supple. Some collagen molecules can penetrate the epidermis to reach the lower levels of the skin. And in doing this, the collagen boosts your own natural collagen production.

When looking for a collagen cream, make sure that it also contains moisturizers. Collagen and moisture work together to reverse aging signs and damage. And you need both to turn back the clock on your skin. Also, look for whole collagen molecules, instead of the fragmented version. The fragments of collagen simply don’t absorb that well into the skin. So they end up just sitting on the top layer, clogging pores and causing adult acne.

What Else Can Topical Collagen Do?

The topical application of collagen has many benefits. In addition to helping you look younger and retain that youthful glow and plumpness to your skin, it can also heal wounds. Since your skin is mostly comprised of collagen, for optimal healing, it helps to apply collagen. Collagen is like the glue that holds your body together, so it makes sense why it would help to heal.

Collagen can benefit all stages of the wound healing process. Basically, collagen helps with wound closure, as well as keeping the closure strong. Plus, collagen is resistant against bacteria, so it keeps the wound area sterile naturally.

Topical Collagen Evidence

More research needs to be done in order to determine how useful collagen is for anti-aging. However, it seems that it is very well researched in terms of wound healing. Research shows that some types of collagen are better for reversing aging than other types of collagen. But scientists are finding more and more ways to improve the look of aging skin. And some even claim they’ve found the fountain of youth. You can speak with a dermatologist to see what options would work best for your individual case.

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