What Are Crow’s Feet?

We all know about these stubborn fine lines that fan out around our eyes as we age. In fact, even people in their 20s can have these little wrinkles. They are usually the first sign of wrinkles to come up through the skin. And, every time you squint, laugh, or move your eyes they can become exaggerated. They’re especially annoying because you can’t do anything to cover them up. Truly, makeup actually makes them look worse because it can settle into the fine lines. But, what causes these stubborn lines?
First, let’s discuss why these lines form before any other signs of aging. Basically, the skin around your eyes is the thinnest on the body. On top of that, you’re moving your eyes all the time by blinking, squinting, and making facial expressions. Even worse, we often rub our eyes, which can cause the delicate collagen under the skin to break down. So, lines form there before anything else because the skin is so thin and vulnerable. And, that leads to permanent wrinkles.

What Causes Crow’s Feet?

  • Facial Movements – This is probably the biggest factor in causing wrinkles around your eyes, because we move them so often. There’s a muscle right underneath the skin there that we constantly contract when we move our face. And, this happens hundreds of times a day, so you can imagine how those contractions would build up over time. Since you’re constantly contracting there, eventually your skin stays in that position, and a line forms. Then, every single time you laugh, smile, or squint, those Crow’s feet become a lot more noticeable. Basically, every facial movement you make adds up over time.
  • Sun Exposure – This is the second biggest reason we develop Crow’s feet over time. Because, the sun contains UV rays that can actually damage the components of our skin. More specifically, Ultraviolet light breaks down elastin and collagen, so your skin starts sagging and losing shape. In fact, it stops clinging to your muscle’s underneath, so it droops and wrinkles. And, that’s why doctor’s say you should always wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your eyes. Otherwise, you’ll exacerbate your Crow’s feet and keep causing more of them.
  • Smoking – If you smoke, you’re actually slowly destroying your skin’s health overtime. Because, your skin needs a constant supply of blood and oxygen to stay healthy. But, when you smoke, enzymes in cigarettes constrict your blood vessels and slows down that supply to your skin. So, your skin doesn’t get the nourishment it needs, and it can become damaged. Then, smoking also contributes to wrinkling of the eyes because you actually squint to keep smoke out of your eyes when you light up.
  • Menopause – Now, this one may be somewhat of a surprise to you. But, when women go through menopause, their estrogen levels decrease significantly. And, studies show that this hormone keeps your skin taut and youthful, because it supports a healthy level of collagen and elastin. So, when your body goes through that huge drop in estrogen, your skin loses a lot of its collagen support and wrinkles start forming faster than ever. At that point in life, you probably already have some wrinkles, but unfortunately, this speeds up the skin aging process.


Can You Prevent Crow’s Feet?

There’s no way to actually prevent all Crow’s feet from happening. Because, we all squint and make facial expressions, since that’s just part of life. You’d have to never smile, frown, blink, or squint in your whole life to have completely line free eyes. Even then, you’d also have to avoid the sun and never go through menopause. So, you get what we’re saying, it’s somewhat inevitable. However, you can use anti-aging creams, injections, and surgeries to reduce the look of Crow’s feet. So, if your Crow’s feet bother you, there are options. We recommend a noninvasive anti-aging product, because then you’re keeping skin healthy while fighting wrinkles at the same time.

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