Do Breast Enhancement Creams Work?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just take a handful of liquid from some magical elixir, lather it on your boobs and then watch them grow? Obviously, no such thing exists (and frankly we’d be a little scared if it did). But there are topical breast enhancement creams that are gaining traction within the world of women’s beauty products. We see them all around, from different brands and featuring different blends. But do breast enhancement creams work? Should you give one a try if you’re looking to boost your bust?

Firstly, let’s discuss the other options. For a long time, getting bigger boobs meant turning to potentially dangerous methods. The standard was going under the knife, then having artificial implants surgically installed. The downsides to this approach are readily apparent. It’s expensive, of course. You’re also taking on certain health risks any time you go under the surgeon’s blade. Complications of the procedure, or scarring, are very real possibilities. And living with external materials inside your body can lead to toxic long-term effects.

Because of this, more women across the country are taking an interest in natural chest enlargement methods. When you see these products on store shelves or online ads, you might wonder just how do breast enhancement creams work. We’ll cover the basics and pertinent details below.

How Do Breast Enhancement Creams Work?

There are a number of different formulas that you will see in this category. However, for the most part, they utilize the same principles. Breast enhancement creams use natural and herbal properties that interact with our skin and tissue in positive ways. The idea is to subtly affect the structure in a way that cooperates with your body’s innate makeup. Usually this means stimulating the adipose (fatty) tissue in ways that can help grow breast size. Additionally, you will often see small hormone impact to regulate and balance estrogens for biological support. The idea is to create a gradual yet visible increase while maintaining firmness and even shape.

Using these products is very easy. They are simply creams that you can apply with your hands, massaging them into the skin on your chest. These creams do not usually have ingredients that cause irritation or any painful sensation. And they also often include skin nourishing components, with the idea of creating a soft and smooth aesthetic to accompany the boost in volume.

Common herbal ingredients in breast enhancement creams include Saw Palmetto, Dong Quai Root, Thistle, Wild Ram Root, Fenugreek and others. Avoid phony fillers and stick to natural blends if you want the best results.

Do Breast Enhancement Creams Work Better Than Pills?

Breast enhancement pills are another method aiming for natural growth. Rather than working from the outside, absorbing ingredients through the skin and breast tissue, these products operate internally. When you take these pills on a daily basis, they deliver ingredients that intend to make a difference over time.

The science on these oral pills is not all that solid. We haven’t seen much research on these products and, intuitively, they don’t offer the same capacity for impact as a topical cream.

Do breast enhancement creams work? For many people they do make a difference and we recommend trying them before pills for faster and more reliable improvements.

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