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We are fortunate to live in an age where scientific and technological advancements are opening new doors. It’s sort of the paradox we face while getting older. Yes, we experience the ravaging effects of aging — especially in terms of our appearance. But it seems like, with each passing year, there are no methods hitting the mainstream to combat this process. Of course, there are many supplements and topical creams. In particular, anti-aging serums and collagen products are all the rage. But anti aging devices with powerful effects are also capturing attention.

In many cases, these are tools that you could once only access through a professional appointment. But nowadays, you can utilize these anti aging devices in your own home with dramatic results. The level of efficacy, danger and cost varies across different options. Therefore, our goal today is to equip you with the necessary information regarding the most popular anti aging devices. Which ones work? Are they confusing to use?

Anti Aging Devices and What They Do

These are electronic accessories with specific age reversing techniques. They target different aspects of skin deterioration but usually aim to reduce wrinkles and improve firmness. Everything we will cover today is readily available on the market. You probably won’t consider them all affordable, but we’ll touch on pricing as well. Let’s run through some of the top anti aging devices and how they work.

At Home Anti Aging Laser

Once upon a time, you need to make an appointment to go in and get laser treatment. Today, you can do it yourself at home. There are many handheld laser approved by the FDA for personal use. The fractional lasers work at a microscopic level to enhance cellular composition from within, forming new collagen and sloughing away imperfections. New models are generally quite safe, though there can be some pain involved, and simple to learn. However, these anti aging devices are expensive, typically checking in at $400 or more.

Microcurrent Facials

The tech here is somewhat similar to at home lasers. These anti aging devices send an electrical current into the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production while also boosting blood circulation. The ultimate outcome here is faster repair to damage and wear to tighter skin. These accessories tend to be less expensive than lasers.

Handheld Microderm

This is another common treatment that many people go into a dermatology office to receive. Leveraging spinning discs and vacuum suction to improve texture and complexion, this exfoliating tool is quite effective. We see this device gaining a lot of traction in Hollywood due to its professional-grade quality. These tools usually check in at a couple hundred dollars in cost.


These anti aging devices seek to tighten skin by helping open up the barriers of your skin, allowing superior absorption of anti aging products and moisturizers. It’s a techology that has been around for a while, but its approval for at-home use is somewhat recent. Most users report no irritation or burning. But this is more of a component in a larger skincare routine than an anti aging booster on its own.

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