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Having youthful looking skin is something we all desire. Although there is no real treatment for stopping the process of aging, there are some things you can do to prevent wrinkles, inflammation and fine lines. Check out the steps below! All you will need are your finger tips to complete each activity. Make sure your skin and hands are cleansed before beginning to avoid adding dirt and oils onto the skin. Check out our other articles for more unique informational pages!


Whether you stayed out too late or didn’t get the right amount of sleep, puffy eyes are not something you want to walk out of the house with. If you wake up one morning and find that your eyes are inflamed or puffier than normal, follow these simple steps to help reduce the look of tired & puffy eyes:

  1. Place a small dot of eye cream or serum onto your index fingers and place them on the inner corner of each eye right below the eyebrow.
  2. Lightly press your fingers down and in a “sweeping” motion, side your fingers across your eyes and along your brow bone. This helps break up the fluid that has built up around the eyes
  3. Repeat this motion for 5 minutes on both eyes or until eyes look less swollen. You can also try applying a small piece of ice to the eyes and use that to sweep across the eyes in the same direction for a more effective treatment


Forehead lines are obnoxious and can make you look older than your real age. In this massage, you’ll learn a quick tip on how to soften the look of forehead lines to give you a youthful glow. This skin routine is great to do right before bed to flush out any extra toxins or tension in your forehead. Follow along below.

  1. Place your thumbs on each temple and hold them steady. Next, take three fingers (keeping your thumbs in place by your temples) and place them on your forehead
  2. With your six fingers pressed to your forehead, move your fingers (excluding the thumb) in small, circular motions.
  3. Start at the top of your brows and make your way up to the tip of your forehead right below the hairline. This helps to firm and tighten the skin
  4. Continue the motion of 60 -90 seconds and avoid excessive facial expressions afterwards. This is why it is a perfect routine to do before bed.


As we age, it’s common to experience sagging in the cheek region. Lots of people use injections to help raise their cheekbones. However, if you don’t have the funds for surgery or don’t want to risk your skin, try this simple step massage to instantly lift and redefine your cheeks.

  1. Using gentle motions, take your pointer and your index fingers and push into either sides of your cheeks
  2. Take your fingers and push up along your cheekbones and up to your hairline
  3. Repeat steps 1&2 ten times. This will help drain build up and sculpt your cheeks by increasing blood flow.

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