Yoga for Post-Workout

Practicing yoga after a workout is one of the best things you can do for your body. This low-impact and gentle practice can be modified to be whatever you need. You can build strength, flexibility, or just simply relaxation – especially after a more intense work out. In fact, the post workout cool down is just as important as the workout itself. And it can cause you to feel less soreness in the days after your workout. You can practice a few postures to stretch and relax your tired muscles, as well as find peace of mind. Check out our list for yoga for post-workout below!

Yoga Poses For Your Post-Workout

Runner’s Lunge

This pose is well-known in the runner’s community. Not only does it ease tension in the hip flexors and the psoas muscles, it also builds a different kind of strength in this area. You can get into the pose in two different ways. First, starting in downward facing dog, bring one foot between your hands. But, don’t worry if this doesn’t work – you can grab onto your ankle and place it between your hands, as well. Another way to get into this pose is to start in a table top position (hands and knees). Bring one foot up between your hands, and extend the other foot behind you. Hold and breathe for up to 1 minute. And then replicate this pose with your other foot in front.

Knee To Chest Stretch

This is another wonderful stretch to do, whether or not you just had a workout. Laying on your back, pull one knee into your chest. Try to relax the other leg against the floor as much as possible. Using one or both hands, put light pressure on the bent knee, so it comes closer to your chest. You can also move this knee around, exploring the hip joint. Stay here and breathe for up to 1 minute. Then switch legs slowly and repeat on the other side.

Forward Bend

Another simple pose, the forward bend is meant to relax the entire upper part of your body. If you’re a beginner to yoga, or stretching your body in general, the forward fold may feel a little shaky. And that’s okay – the shakiness actually means your building stability muscles, which also helps you in your workouts. From a standing position, make sure your feet are hip-width distance apart with your toes pointing forward. For extra points, take a look at your knee caps and try to align them with the direction of your toes. When your lower body is in alignment, feel free to come forward.

If you are tight in your hamstrings, or you experience a lot of rounding in your back (a mirror is good to check this) give your knees a bend. In fact, you can bend your knees so much so your belly rests on your thighs. But be warner – the more you bend your knees, the more your muscles work. Your hands can rest on the floor, or you can interlace them behind your back for a should stretch. This pose stretches the hamstrings (the backs of the thighs) as well as the spine. Breathe and stay here for as long as you’d like.

Legs Up The Wall

A yogi favorite, legs up the wall only needs one prop: a wall. You may also want to grab a folded blanket to place under your hips. Basically, this pose is like sitting up straight with your legs out in front, but with your legs up the wall. So, your back lays flat on the ground. Legs up the wall improves circulation, delivering healing energy to the muscles that need it most. In addition, this pose relaxes the pelvic floor and psoas muscles. Simply lay on your back near the wall, and move your butt close to the wall, while resting your legs straight up or with a slight bend. This pose should feel relaxing, and maybe a bit strange if you’ve never been in it before. Breathe slowly and stay here as long as you’d like.

Doing yoga after your workouts will make your muscle gains larger, and you’ll feel less sore and better overall. You could also supplement your workouts with a muscle building formula like the ones we review here at Natural Cleanse Review. There are countless poses that are good to do with your regular workouts. And there are many yoga classes offered just for people who are looking to complement their workouts. Contact your local community center to see if there’s one close to you today!

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