What is Sarcopenia and How Can I Stop It?

What is sarcopenia? If you haven’t heard of the term, then you’ve probably felt it. That is, if you are over the age of 30 or so, and maintaining a focus on a strong and powerful physique. Sarcopenia refers to the degenerative loss of muscle that occurs as part of the aging process. This is something that humans universally experience, albeit to varying degrees and with differing timelines. It’s also one of the main reasons to use muscle supplements, helping to offset the natural biological declines that inhibit gains.

To some extent, the peak levels of strength and muscle growth that we experience in our physical prime inflates our expectations. When you’re in your 20s and adhering to a solid workout routine, you can keep the lean muscle packing on without much trouble. However, what is sarcopenia going to do in altering these initiatives? Gradually your energy and capacity for workouts declines, and so too do the results. This can be immensely frustrating for those who hold an enduring focus on strength training. And for good reason.

The advantages to sustaining and improving lean muscle mass are significant. Beyond the aesthetic benefits (hey, a buff bod obviously looks good) there are deeper reasons to make it a priority. More muscle means stronger bones, healthier joints and better posture. It also greatly assists your metabolism, supporting effective weight management. This becomes increasingly important as we age and certain physiological processes set in. You know, the ones that often lead to a “dad bod” in men who previously never dealt with excess flab and fat.

What is Sarcopenia?

Really, there is no cause for sarcopenia other than simply getting older. There do, however, appear to be factors that can increase the acceleration of its onset. Some scientists suggest that a low birth weight can be an exacerbating element. Others point to diets low in important nutrients as causal components. However, regardless of what steps you take or what your health history looks like, it’s bound to become an issue. We all face the reality of diminishing muscle capacity. But even if we can’t prevent it, that doesn’t mean we cannot counteract it.

How to Overcome Sarcopenia

There are a number of different muscle supplements that can directly combat the negative impact of sarcopenia. Many of them are natural and safe, reducing risk of side effects or adverse reactions. Among the most potent properties in this regard are branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). In particular, leucine shows promise toward slowing and preventing muscle loss due to sarcopenia. Boosting testosterone can also prove helpful toward turning the tables.

Of course, in addition to proper supplementation, you’ll want to aim for a quality diet, high in protein. And naturally, you will want to stick to a regular exercising routine. The “use it or lose it” mantra rings true in this regard. If you aren’t working out and challenging your muscles, they are more likely to submit to these rapid deteriorating effects.

So what is sarcopenia going to mean for you? Potentially not too much, if you take action.

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