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Erectile dysfunction (ED/Impotence) is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. This can be caused by a number of issues that can be physiological or psychosomatic.  Physiological symptoms are described as the physical incapability of achieving or maintaining erections. Psychosomatic refer to erectile dysfunctions that arise from mental based issues from thoughts or feelings. There are several popular ways that people treat symptoms of impotence. The solutions range from pharmacological to supplemental and even surgical.

Popular Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

So, which ED treatment methods are most popular?  Pharmacological, by far.  But there are a few other techniques that are pretty popular as well.


There are 30 million Americans dealing with the effects of erectile dysfunction. For many of them, the first line of impotence treatment is Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. These treatments hold a substantial 80% success rate. These drugs are known as phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. They work by increasing the cardiovascular efficiency. Hence, the improve blood circulation through the body. This helps send more blood to erectile tissues during sexual arousal.

Penile Injections

A far less desirable solution to prescription drugs is the penile injection. These are administered through the direct injection of the drugs into the penis. Once injected, they cause an immediate erection. Although the administration is one of the least desirable, it is by far the next most effective treatment. When some are unable to achieve the desired results through oral drug administration, the penile injection is the next best option. One of the most used types of penile injections are Alprostadil, which is FDA-approved.


Some men who have not found a solution with oral drugs and are unwilling or unable to self-inject go to MUSE. This is a pellet that can be directly inserted into the urethra via the opening of the penis. The pill, once inserted, dissolves. As the medicine absorbs into the penile chamber, the penis will become erect without about 10 minutes.

Vacuum Pump

For those lack the ability or interest to use drugs or injections, the Vacuum Pump is the next most commonly used treatment for erectile dysfunction. This device is placed over the penis. Then, a pump handle is used to syphon out air from the tube. The result is a vacuum being created that draws blood into erectile tissue. From this point, an elastic ring is used around the base of the shape to trap the blood and keep the penis erect. The vacuum pump treatment is effective for approximately 75% of men.


The underlying causes of erectile dysfunction are not always treatable with medications. For those who have issues untreatable by drugs and do you wish or are unable to use pumps, surgery is one option. There are two types of implants. One is a surgically implanted pump that helps flow blood into the penis. Another uses a malleable prosthesis that acts like a goose neck lamp and guide the penis in position,

Hormone Replacement

Men experience low testosterone as they age. This can be linked to erectile dysfunction. Men can use testosterone replacement therapy in the form of injections, patches or gels that are applied to the skin.

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