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Nitric Oxide is a compound found in the body that helps your cells signal to each other and complete normal body functions. You need Nitric Oxide to keep your blood vessels open so your blood circulates properly. It’s a powerful vasodilator that actually only exists for a couple seconds in the blood. But, when it’s there, it makes sure your blood plumps through your body the way it’s supposed to. Another function of Nitric Oxide is to signal to your cells to do their job, especially around the heart area.

How Is Nitric Oxide Made?

Your body makes its own supply of Nitric Oxide from L-Arginine, oxygen, and NADPH. Enzymes in the body take these three different things and use them to create more Nitric Oxide. That way, your body is never without this compound. Usually, Nitric Oxide is made in the inner layer of blood vessels, because that’s the area that uses it the most. Your blood vessels need Nitric Oxide to stay open to let blood circulate through freely. Though, there are other areas in the body that make Nitric Oxide.

Does Nitric Oxide Improve Circulation?

Basically, the inner lining of your blood vessels use Nitric Oxide to help smooth out and relax the muscles around your blood vessels. Because, the muscles there would get tight and actually close the blood vessel without the proper levels of Nitric Oxide. So, an increase in this vital compound helps tell the muscles around your blood vessels to relax, which opens them up for blood to flow through. So, you get increased circulation when this compound is at the right level in your blood. And, Nitric Oxide can also help keep your blood pressure lower.

What Is Nitric Oxide Used For In Supplements?

Usually, you’ll see muscle supplements touting the benefits of Nitric Oxide, because it can actually really help improve your results in the gym. Because, if you take a supplement that contains Nitric Oxide, or one of the amino acids that make it (L-Arginine, L-Citrulline), you can actually open up blood vessels to increase blood flow. And, that means your muscle cells actually get more resources from your blood to grow faster. In addition to that, increased blood flow means more oxygen gets to your muscles. And, that means your heart, brain, and muscle cells all get more oxygen.

So, why is that important? Well, studies show that the more oxygen in your system during workouts, the better your results. Imagine holding your breath while doing a heavy lift. You probably do this all the time. But, did you know that breathing while doing it can help make that lift work your muscles harder? Truly, the more oxygen in your body, the more your muscles extend and work. So, when you increase blood flow, you’re in turn increasing the flow of oxygen to your muscles, which makes them work harder. Then, you get bigger and better muscle results.

Are Nitric Oxide Supplements Worth It?

So, should you take a muscle supplement with Nitric Oxide or ingredients that boost it to promote muscle growth? Our vote is yes. Because, this is an easy way to make your workouts more effective and also pump up your muscles. Truly, Nitric Oxide doesn’t just help ferry more oxygen and blood through your system. It also helps you work harder in the gym and exercise longer. And, that can lead to better results in half the time. So, look for muscle supplements with all natural ingredients that contain Nitric Oxide, L-Arginine, or L-Citrulline. The latter two things make Nitric Oxide for your body.

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