Muscle Vitamins for Faster Gains

Vitamins! We know that they are important, and that they support good health. We learn this at a very young age, and the lessons follow us as we grow into adulthood. “Get your vitamins!” But there is less clarity over what effects specific vitamins have on our bodies. We know that they all have corresponding alphabetical assignments, but those don’t really tell us anything. Which specific vitamins can assist with metabolism, or radiant skin, or cardiovascular health, or muscle growth? We’re going to hone in on that last one today, with a breakdown of the top muscle vitamins. If you are working on a strength training regimen, ensure that you are getting plenty of these into your diet and supplement mix.

There are many different ways to support rapid muscle gains. Some of them are simply habitual. Stay on a consistent gym schedule and utilize proper form during workouts. Make sure you’re hydrating and getting plenty of protein to support growing muscles. Develop a supplement stack that delivers natural anabolic support from various angles. But muscle vitamins are a component that many people tend to overlook. That might be because people don’t associate vitamins with growing muscle tissue in the same way as protein, amino acids or other nutrients. But vitamins can have a significantly positive impact on your strength program, contributing to a chiseled and toned physique.

Best Muscle Vitamins

Almost every type of vitamin can play at least a marginal role in muscle support. However, these three are the ones we consider the top muscle vitamins. They offer very specific advantages in the process of adding muscle and strength.

Vitamin C for Muscle

It’s probably the single most common and popular nutrient. You are undoubtedly familiar with the sources of Vitamin C. Find it in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, as well as broccoli and tomatoes. Vitamin C serves a number of functions relating to wellness. It is critical for synthesis of proteins like collagen and elastin. This not only makes it proficient for assisting muscle tissue but also healthy and youthful skin. Additionally, vitamin C supports optimal blood vessel health, improving circulation so that your muscles can receive oxygen and nutrients more quickly.

Vitamin D for Muscle

First and foremost, vitamin D is an indispensable supporter of immune function. It helps your body fend off illness and infection. But studies find that this vitamin also plays a key role in muscle performance. It may not be as much due to the direct benefits, but more so on its interaction with other nutrients. We need vitamin D to properly absorb phosphorous and calcium, minerals that contribute to muscle function and contraction, as well as energy metabolism. You can get vitamin D from fatty fish (which also tend to contain omega fatty acids — also very beneficial for muscle thanks to their anti-inflammatory property). It’s also in cheese, egg yolks and (arguably) sunlight.

B Vitamins for Muscle

This is a rather broad category because numerous different items fall under the umbrella of B vitamins. These include B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin) and more. Fortunately, they basically all play helpful roles as muscle vitamins. These nutrients can help with protein metabolism, fatty acid oxidation, carbohydrate utilization and more. If you’re aiming for a lean body type, make you’re including plenty of B vitamins in your dietary composition.

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