Leucine Ingredient Guide

What Is Leucine?

Leucine is an amino acid that is used to make proteins in the body. It is made up of an amino acid group, a carboxylic acid group, and an isobutyl side chain. So, that makes this amino acid classified as a nonpolar amino acid. And, it is essential in humans. In other words, we need it to function, but our bodies don’t make it naturally. So, we have to obtain it from our diets to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because, we all know our bodies need proteins to work properly, and this amino acid helps make them.

This amino acid is used in the liver, adipose tissue, and muscle tissue. Those are three of the main areas our bodies need proteins to function. Obviously, we all know that muscles need protein to build themselves up and strengthen themselves. So, without this amino acid, your muscle cells can’t do that properly. And, adipose and muscle tissue use this amino acid much more than the liver does. In fact, together, they use seven times more Leucine than the liver does. And, this is why many people start taking supplements with Leucine in them to grow lean muscle.

What Does Leucine Do?

This amino acid is responsible for maintaining the strength of your muscles. Leucine is something called a mTOR activator. Basically, it means that it regulates different cellular processes in the body. And, when you eat foods with this amino acid in them, it can directly promote the production of muscle proteins. So, if you take a supplement with this amino acid in it, you may be able to stimulate new muscle cell production over time.

In addition to that, Leucine helps regulate cell growth. In fact, some studies show that taking this amino acid can help regulate body weight. Because, Leucine can encourage the brain to not want as much food. And, it can help boost weight loss in the same way. Basically, this amino acid also has the ability to control your weight. Finally, Leucine can even help protect against seizures. While there’s only been studies done on mice, the outlook is promising for humans, as well. But, if you have high levels of this amino acid in your blood, it’s likely you also have insulin resistance.

Supplements And Leucine

Most often, this amino acid can be found in muscle supplements. Because, many experts believe that taking it in a supplement form can help increase muscle growth over time. Of course, you still have to work out, but taking this amino acid can get you faster muscle results. So, if you want to grow lean muscle mass, this amino acid can help supercharge that and make it happen faster. And, because you need this amino acid to turn on protein production, it’s important to get the right amounts of it. That’s where a Leucine supplement can be helpful.

Most often you’ll find Leucine in whey protein powder. Because, these powders contain a lot of amino acids, and this one is one of the most important ones. But, you can also find this amino acid in different supplements. Leucine is highly effective for increasing muscle growth in the body. In fact, without it, you won’t get very far when it comes to muscle building. And, taking a supplement with it in there can actually improve your workout results over time. But, always look for supplements that contain natural ingredients along with Leucine. That way, you can stay safe while supplementing.

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