Feed the Beast: Muscle Growth Diet

An effective muscle building program requires efforts from multiple angles. Obviously, pushing your progress forward with intense and regular workouts is at the top of that list. If you want to build meaningful muscle mass and define your physique, you will need to put in the hard work. But that, on its own, is not enough to create optimal results. In order to maximize the fruits of your labor, you will also want to ensure you’re getting the proper nutrition and fuel. A muscle growth diet is one that carries an acute focus on giving your body what it needs to dominate in strength training.

There are many different foods capable of productively contributing to a muscle growth diet. We could list dozens of different advisable meals and snacks fitting this label. But for the purposes of keeping things digestible (so to speak), we will simplify the information at a high level. What we’re going to provide here is an example of three daily meals that would provide tremendous support for your muscle regimen. We’ll also explain why they fundamentally enhance your efforts.

Muscle Growth Diet Guidelines

Everything plays its own role in a muscle growth diet. Many people focus solely on getting protein when contemplating muscle nutrition, but in reality there are many critical nutrients and properties. Obviously you’re not going to eat the same three meals everyday, but the example below is meant to serve as a blueprint. You should gain a pretty good idea of how to build meals with balance and plenty of benefit.

Breakfast: Eggs, Cantaloupe and Orange Juice

Eggs are a terrific staple in your muscle growth diet. We all know about the protein but the cholesterol, found within the yolk, is vital to growing muscle tissue. A few scrambled eggs with breakfast is a nice way to kick off the day. Keeping a couple of hard-boiled eggs on hand as snacks is never a bad idea, either. Meanwhile, cantaloupe offers healthy carbs with low sugar to provide energy and strength. And orange juice can bolster your endurance.

Lunch: Cottage Cheese, Whole Wheat Toast and an Apple

Featuring robust casein protein content, cottage cheese is conducive to rapid muscle definition. It’s slower to digest so it will keep you full longer and prevent you from overdoing it on calorie intake. The same is true of whole grains, which are rich in protein and fiber plus other essential nutrients. Apples contain properties that increase muscle strength and prevent fatigue.

Dinner: Lean Beef, Brown Rice and Spinach

Make sure it’s a good cut with minimal fat, but beef is a key muscle growth diet inclusion, offering high protein, zinc, B vitamins and iron. You could also sub in chicken or salmon with good results. Brown rice contains those whole grains that are slow to digest with a long-lasting energy boost. Plus, studies show that brown rice can include growth hormones, with exceptional impact on muscle gain and fat loss. Spinach is generally one of the healthiest green veggies, but it specifically offers glutamine, an amino acid that is hugely helpful for building lean muscle.

By including these foods and others like them, while adding in some affordable muscle supplements, your strength program will jump onto the fast track.

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