What is Tongkat Ali? Examining the Male Wonder Herb

Within certain regions of Asia, a small and seemingly innocuous tree grows in many areas. When you look at it, you might chuckle at hearing it described as a tree, because this modest plant really looks more like a shrub. There’s nothing all that distinguishable about its appearance, but the roots of this flowering plant have long been utilized for a variety of medical purposes. And in particular, it shows significant benefits for male health and sexual prowess. So, what is tongkat ali, and why is it such a prominent ingredient in men’s supplement blends?

What is Tongkat Ali?

The scientific binomial name for this plant is eurycoma longifolia. Other names include pasak bumi, penawar pahit, bedara buthi, payong ali, muntah bumi and others. Some call it Malaysian ginseng. When eaten, the plant has an extremely bitter taste, so you won’t see many using it as a flavoring agent. But its medicinal uses trace back centuries

What Tongkat Ali Does

Among the many uses for this plant, and especially its root, here are some common ones. Individuals have used it for relieving fevers, addressing digestive problems like dysentery and diarrhea, and topical treatment of headcahes or stomach aches.

These benefits are only loosely backed by clinical trials and scientific data, if at all. Many of the treatments using this extract are more folklore than anything. But the male health benefits, particularly in terms of sex drive and sexual performance, are notable. If you’re wondering just what is tongkat ali and why is it on so many product labels, then read on and we’ll examine its specific usage in this department.

How Tongkat Ali Works

What is tongkat ali? Quite simply, it is one of nature’s most effective natural testosterone boosters. Its innate impact in this regard makes it highly preferable to synthetic and artificial hormone regulation compounds. One study conducted about five years back compared men supplementing with tongkat ali extract to a placebo group. The results showed a dramatic difference in the percentage of men that saw an increase in testosterone comparatively. Numerous animals studies have produced similar results. The plant has a unique impact on hormones but does not cause dangerous spikes, and avoids the side effects inherent to man-made products. Because of this, the herb is a star of the male supplement industry.

The benefits of adding testosterone if you’re over the age of 30 or so are significant. It can assist with workouts and daily energy, but tongkat ali in particular proves most advantageous for sexual health. Users often report higher libido, greater fertility, higher sperm counts and strong erections. These are necessary edges for many of us as we get older and our sexual prowess naturally declines.

Are There Tongkat Ali Side Effects?

The scientific and medical communities generally consider tongkat ali to be safe as long as you take it in advisable quantities. Nearly every supplement will include a responsible dose, so there is little to worry about. In cases of excessive intake, the side effects are inherently similar to those of high testosterone levels. These include higher aggression, restlessness and jittery energy. However, these are all exceedingly rare and you are unlikely to experience them if taking standard male health supplements. Don’t worry, tongkat ali will not cause a testosterone overdose or anything of the sort.

All in all, it’s one of the most trustworthy and reliable ingredients in the herbal supplement kingdom.

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