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If you’ve already read all of our Garcinia, face cream, and testosterone booster reviews, and you’re ready for something different, well, you’ve come to the right place today.  What we’re looking at today is an exciting new supplement that is more about overall health than about physical appearance.  The new Patriot Power Greens boasts a lofty claim, which is that it can essentially help you defeat many of the problems that go along with aging.  These include any condition that comes from inflammation, including joint point, memory decline, and more.  So, what did we think of this new supplement?

Well, just as we do with all of our reviews, we went on over to the manufacturer’s site.  The site itself is a little different than most of the supplements we review – in that it’s pretty text-heavy – but extra text means a little more information.  What we wanted to look for with Patriot Power Greens was the science behind its claims.  And, of course, we wanted to see if it was truly a good deal.  On the whole, you can never be too critical of online supplements.  But, with Patriot Power Greens, we were pleasantly surprised at what we found.


The Science Behind Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens is a powder-form drink mix that you can combine with the fluid of your choice to make what the website describes as a “greens drink.”  And, from what we can tell, it’s far more than just a drink with leafy greens ground up in there.  The website claims that this product can relieve everything from digestive troubles to joint pain, to memory problems and more.  Basically, it says that you can get amazing health benefits.  And, it’s easy to be skeptical of such a claim.  After all, the effects of aging are pretty intense.  But, the Patriot Power supplement gave us pause for thought with their formula.

The Patriot Power Alliance secret is essentially probiotics.  And, the idea is that with their ten strains of probiotics, you get far better benefits than you would if you got a regular dosage of probiotics – usually just 5 to 7 strains.  Certainly, probiotics are essential for digestive health, so it’s not surprising that so many people have seen benefits in that regard.  Additionally, this formula claims that it can reduce inflammation in your body caused by excess acid, by delivering an alkaline, fruit- and vegetable-rich formula to you.  While the idea that heart disease comes from excess acid is somewhat questionable, studies show that every system in your body can benefit from the nutrients in fruits and vegetables.  This easily includes your cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, and other regions that Patriot Power Greens claims to help.

Patriot Power Greens Reviews

Unsurprisingly, the manufacturer’s website presents multiple reviews.  This is a smart move on their part, considering their product is relatively new and unknown.  So, they can rely on those customer reviews to show how well the product works.  Of course, the majority of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so at least there are those out there who do truly enjoy using Patriot Power Greens.  If you’re still not sure, be sure to check out other reviews as they come out in the following days and weeks.

How To Order Patriot Power Greens

From what we can tell from the manufacturer’s site, there isn’t a free trial here.  But, considering that there are 30 servings in a single canister, you’ll end up paying just a little over a buck fifty for each serving.  Honestly, considering all the nutrients you’ll be getting from each drink, that is a steal.  So, if you are interested in this product, be sure to click on the button link above.  We do recommend you check it out.  However, if you are dealing with immediate medical problems, be sure to contact your doctor, and don’t rely on supplements.

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