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When it comes to sexual performance, everyone wan’t to be able to perform their best. Unfortunately, as men age it becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain a happy sex life. Did you know that around the age of 35, testosterone levels start to drop by 2-4% every year? This might not seem like that high of a percentage, but over time it can be quite damaging. Low T-levels can result in erectile dysfunction (ED), low sex drive, poor energy levels and an overall lack of performance. This can take a huge toll on confidence. In fact, lack of confidence is the number one turn off in the bedroom. Luckily, there are ways you can restore your sexual performance naturally. Heard of natural male enhancement supplements? A trending supplement is called PXL Pills. This article will go over what you need to know before you buy.

PXL Pills are 100% natural male enhancement supplements. They main goal of the pills are to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels. Nitric oxide is a natural chemical compound made in the body. NO contributes to expanding vessels throughout the body. In other words, NO opens up vessels for increased blood flow. This is important because it helps increase the size, length and overall staying power of erections when sexually aroused. NO is also the number one way to reduce erectile dysfunction naturally. Because PXL Pills are made without GMO’s, chemical additives or fillers, the supplement is safe & effective for all users. But how exactly do these supplements work and do they actually help with sexual performance? Let’s find out! 

How PXL Pills Male Enhancement Works

The main goal of PXL Pills is to increase nitric oxide levels. The formula was designed to treat men dealing with erectile dysfunction. However, those who are simply looking for a way to increase sex drive, energy & erection size can also benefit from taking this pill. The supplement works by using the power of nitric oxide (NO). NO is a natural chemical in the body that has various benefits. In this case, NO is used for blood vessel dilation. This is important because opening the vessels allows for greater blood flow to the penile region. In other words, more blood flow increases erection size, sensitivity and overall pleasure. The #1 one way to find out if a supplement works is by researching the ingredients. We were pleased to find that most all ingredients have clinical evidence to back it. Therefore making PXL Pills great for enhancing sexual performance.

Are The Ingredients In PXL Pills Safe?

Because every extract and ingredient used comes from natural sources, PXL Pills is safe to use. There are no added GMO’s, fillers or chemical additives. This also makes PXL Pills a better alternative to Viagra and other unnatural male enhancement supplements. Below is a list of the active ingredients used.

  • L-Arginine –Stimulates nitric oxide production for increased blood flow to the penile region for enhanced erection size & orgasm intensity
  • Maca Root – Cultivated in Peru, this herbal extract is clinically proven to boost sex drive and sexual sensitivity. It is also known that the herb supports sperm count
  • Ginseng Blend – Supports the reduction of ED and age related sexual dysfunction. Also helps to improve mood, reduce stress and boosts overall performance
  • Tongkat Ali – Herbs that supports a balance in hormone production to improve sex drive & erectile dysfunction

PXL Pills Pros & Cons


  1. Free From GMO’s, Chemical Additives & Fillers
  2. Treats erectile Dysfunction In Men
  3. Supports Increased Sex Drive & Overall Pleasure
  4. Boosts Energy, Stamina & Endurance
  5. Stimulates Nitric Oxide For Increased Blood Flow


  1. Results May Not Be Immediate
  2. May Only Be A Temporary Treatment

PXL Pills Final Thoughts

After reviewing the ingredients and acknowledging that most, if not all, are clinically researched, it’s safe to say that PXL Pills would help support men dealing with erectile dysfunction. However, supplements work differently for everyone so it is important to keep in mind that results will vary. If you are thinking about ordering or starting a trial, click on any ordering button to get started. You’ll be directed to the official site and it will guide you on how to sign up and claim your trial. Thank you for reading and make sure to check out our other reviews.

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