DIY Rubber Mask

Are you looking for new and exciting trends in skincare? Here’s an interesting one for you: the  Rubber Mask! Only now have rubber masks made their way to the states. While super popular in Europe and Asia, we have somehow missed the boat on this one. If you look up rubber masks online, you might be a little shocked, perhaps horrified. It’s something out of a Halloween film, but the skincare benefits are outstanding. And today we’re going to over these benefits and how you can do it yourself! DIY treatments are huge right now, and why not? If you can make a skincare product that’s just as good as store-bought products, why spend the extra money?

The rubber mask has been used for a long time in Asia. In fact, when you look up skin care rubber masks, you will instantly spot Korean variations of the product. This is a totally radical and new type of product that is a welcome alternative to the traditional sheet mask. The Korean Rubber Mask are great for hydrating and nourishing your skin.  One of the major benefits of these masks is that they keep the ingredients from evaporating. This makes it a more effective mask than the sheet mask, which allows evaporation. Some studies even show that sheet masks pull moisture out of your skin, which is completely inconsistent with their purpose! First, we’ll cover some more basics about the rubber mask, and then we’ll move on to discuss Rubber Mask skincare.

What Do Skin Masks Do?

You might be used to typical sheet masks. These can be great, and if you’ve kept using them, you know there are some great benefits. But with the rise of the rubber mask, you might be pleasantly surprised by what a mask is capable of. What do you love about face masks? One thing for certain is the instant gratification. Even after a late night out on the town, a mask can make you feel fresh, young, and revived. It draws out impurities, dirt, and sweat, and replaces these impurities with hydrating molecules.

Clay masks are often a good choice, but they are specifically good for exfoliation. Those of you with “congested” skin may find a lot of benefits with the clay mask and its soothing effects! Many people with acne give a nod to the clay mask. Peel-off masks are another common product that you are probably familiar with. These are instantly satisfying masks with some soothing ingredients and exfoliating power. They are also cheap and really easy to use. Sheet masks are great moisturizers because they contain deeply-packed nutrients like avocado extract and macadamia nut oil for better complexion.

Korean Rubber Face Mask

As any skincare guru, and you will hear that the Rubber Mask is a major step up from regular sheet masks or clay masks. Korean Rubber Skin Masks are almost exactly what they sound like, except they aren’t rubber so much as rubbery. These are made from a thick paste that you apply to your skin and it creates a thick, wiggly, rubbery layer on your skin. The problem with regular sheet masks is that they let essential ingredients evaporate before they can penetrate your skin and do what they are supposed to do. Because Rubber Face Masks mold to your face, they force ingredients into your skin without evaporating. Essentially, it’s a more effective delivery system for anti-aging ingredients.

DIY Rubber Mask

Many of the rubber masks that you’ll find at stores and online are borderline DIY products. They come in little containers full of powder that you then have to mix with water to create the mask. All you have to do is follow directions on the bottle concerning the correct powder and water ration and apply it to your skin. It congeals and molds to your face. Afterwards you peel it off as a rubbery mask and feel the soft, supple result!

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