Natural Energy Pills

Jitters. Shakes. Trembling. Headaches. Crashing. These are all side effects that we can experience when gulping down tons of caffeine in efforts to produce the energy we need to get through the day. Many vehicles for the substance are loaded with sugar, making them an unfavorable fuel source for getting through the days. Because of this, many people are turning to natural energy pills. Many of these capsules are capable of delivering a sustaining boost in energy and focus without the inherent downsides of other methods.

Why do people like natural energy pills? Well, they deliver a more direct effect than most alternative options. Sure, an energy drink might give you the buzz you require, but it can also spike your blood sugar and lead to a crash a few hours later. A cup of coffee might do the trick but many people experience stomach issues when they drink too much. You can take away all the frills by using a simple capsule that relies upon natural properties to perk up your cognition and fend off lethargy.

There are numerous supplements and products that can assist in this regard. They rely on various ingredients to help you produce both mental and physical energy. Sometimes these are simply a different (and superior) method to get your caffeine fix. Other times, these natural energy pills rely on other herbal extracts and plant based components to propel your productivity.

Here’s a breakdown of some our favorite categories:

Best Natural Energy Pills

Dealing with low energy and fatigue at times is perfectly normal. It is not necessarily the sign of any deeper issue. A majority of individuals require an energy boost from time to time, with a variety of different underlying reasons. It can tie to a lack of sleep, an exhausting schedule, mental stressors, or simply the process of aging. If you’re ready to set aside the sugary energy drinks, then try turning to one of these solutions:


This is a heavy hitter in the natural energy arena. Double-blind studies found that the root extract provides a significant improvement in cognitive function while also lowering blood sugar. Ginseng uniquely helps reduce stress while increasing energy. For this reason, many find it highly preferable to anxiety-inducing sugar sources.

Ginkgo Biloba

Because it helps boost circulation and boost blood flow to the brain, the ginkgo biloba plant is a very popular supplement ingredient. This herb can assist the body’s processes at a cellular level, leading to long-lasting attentiveness enhancement with minimal downside.

Vitamin B12

Similar to ginkgo biloba, B12 helps support the energy metabolism dynamic within cells. This nutrient actually helps your body convert the food you consume into glucose, or energy. For weigth loss and general wellness purposes, it is ideal to get the most out of everything you eat. Food should be your system’s primary fuel.


While we may have shined a negative light on caffeine above, there is no denying that it can be a very helpful energy booster, especially without the addition of sugars and other bad stuff. Natural energy pills that feature caffeine as a central component can be recommendable, especially if they use a natural substance — like green tea extract — as the source.

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