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You probably hear the term “healthy for body in mind” in relation to certain foods, drinks and supplements. The idea of nourishing our brain with the foods we eat is nothing groundbreaking. We recently went over some of the best dietary choices for cognitive support with your look at brain nutrition. However, the MIND Diet Plan might be the first specific set of eating guidelines to really gain mainstream appeal. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive to understand the fundamentals and validity of this trending diet concept.

What is the MIND Diet Plan?

At its core, the MIND Diet plan is a hybrid of two mainstream diets: DASH and Mediterranean. Each of these approaches carries significant momentum because they are both effective for weight loss and conducive to overall wellness. The MIND Diet Plan borrows elements from both of these strategies and focues on brain health. In the acronym, MIND stands for “Mediterranean-DASH Intervetion for Neurodegenerative Delay.” Beyond promoting overall cognitive function, this diet has the specific goal of preventing conditions and illnesses such as Alhzeimer’s or dementia.

An evaluation of the best diets from US News ranked the MIND Diet third overall out of 38 contenders. MIND also tied for first place in the category of Easiest Diets to Follow.

How to Follow the MIND Diet Plan

It’s all about ensuring that you include brain-healthy foods, in some capacity, every single day. The MIND Diet Plan calls for three or more servings of whole grains daily, as well as one salad, one more veggie, and one glass of wine. The final component, in particular, is an attractive one for many people. What diet plan actually ASKS you to drink wine. Well, the MIND diet guidelines recognize that brain health perks are among the most prominent red wine health benefits.

Beyond these daily staples, the MIND diet suggests nuts as a primary snacking choice, a half-cup of berries at least twice per week, and a half a cup of beans every other day. Fish once a week is another aspect.

The rules for the MIND Diet Plan are fairly loose, and that’s why it has a reputation for being easy to stick with. You can formulate your own recipes within the constraints of the plan or else you can keep it simple with basic items. We all understand that overly restrictive diets tend to fall by the wayside. This one can become a sustaining and enduring set of eating guidelines for you and your family. While it emphasizes brain benefits, the high number of nutrients, antioxidants and proteins present in this plan make it conducive to weight loss and general wellness. Obviously, if you add in exercise measures and a metabolism boosting supplement, you can enhance your slimming chances.

Of all the trending new diets here in 2017, this one stands out. Skip the gimmicks and crash diets and stick to one like the MIND Diet Plans, which follows the core tenets of healthy eating and keeps it simple. How could anyone mind that?

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