Common Brain Supplement Side Effects

When you’re taking a brain supplement, you want to be at the top of your game. So, you don’t want to experience any adverse effects when taking the product. And, that’s why you need to be careful and do your homework. Truly, you should look for a brain supplement that contains natural ingredients, nootropics, or herbal ingredients. That way, you have a smaller chance of reacting against the product in a negative way. But, if you do take a brain supplement with artificial ingredients, you can expect some of the following side effects.

The Most Common Brain Supplement Side Effects

  • Jitters / Hyper Feeling – One of the main things brain supplements can do for your mind is wake it up. So, some of them contain caffeine, which gives you more energy so you feel awake. But, if you take too much or don’t follow the directions of the bottle, that can leave you in a worse place than you started. Because, the caffeine in the pills can actually make you so jittery and hyper that you can’t focus, which is exactly the opposite of what you want.
  • Nausea – Sometimes, taking too many brain supplements can lead to an upset stomach for a couple of reasons. First, the caffeine in your system can cause stomach pains if you take too much of it. Then, other ingredients in the pill might be a stimulant, which causes your body to kick into high gear. And, that means even your digestion might be off.
  • Diarrhea – Again, the caffeine in these pills can cause trouble with your digestion. Because, when you take too much caffeine, it actually increases the peristalsis in your stomach and intestines. In other words, it speeds up your digestive processes, so food can go right through you after taking a supplement like this. But, once again, this is only if you take too much or go beyond the recommended amount.
  • Headaches – In any brain supplement that has nootropics as an ingredient, you run the risk of getting headaches. Because, nootropics increase the brain’s demand for Acetylcholine. But, your brain actually works harder than the amount of Acetylcholine your body can produce. So, basically your receptor sites for this compound burn out because they work too hard without enough produced. And, that can lead to headaches in some people.
  • GI Tract Issues – Though we kind of covered this above, these issues come from nootropics, not caffeine. Nootropics are another commonly used brain supplement ingredient. If you take an excessive does of nootropics, it can be hard for your GI tract to take. So, you might feel nausea, or experience diarrhea or pain in the gut. And, that’s because the body is working to rid itself of that ingredient.
  • Fatigue / Insomnia – Even though these two things are on the opposite end of the spectrum, nootropic brain supplements can cause both. Because, nootropic ingredients are supposed to wake your brain up. So, if you take too many of them, you might become an insomniac because your brain can never calm down. On the reverse side, if you take too much of your supplement it could make you crash and feel exhausted in the middle of the day.

How Can You Avoid Side Effects From Brain Supplements?

All supplements react differently in everyone’s bodies. So, the best thing to do is try out a brain supplement you’re interested in through a free trial. But, one way to cut down on your risk for side effects is by looking for natural or herbal ingredient formulas. That way, you don’t have a long list of synthetic ingredients that can cause more harm than good. Because, synthetic ingredients actually can release toxins in the body, which leads to adverse reactions. So, look for natural or nootropic formulas when you’re shopping for a brain product.

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